Here are some of the freshest new tracks from the freshest new sounds that we think you need to be listening to this week.

“Animalize” – Hello Operator Laden with hooks and full to the brim with towering riffs Hello Operator put on their funkiest Def Leppard. If there is more in the bag like this then their album will be magnificent!

“Lads” – Bird Shoes A mindful take down of misogyny by young punky Brits Bird Shoes.

“Freedom” – Honours A fine slab of funky, punky, passionate rock from one of York’s hottest new bands. They have set their bar high with a first release as strong as “Freedom”.

“What Makes A Man” – Stereo Honey Sweeping ethereal noise from Stereo Honey with swooping chorus that stays with you long after the song ends.

“Cotch” – Only Sun Post rave chill out from High Wycombe’s Only Sun. On this tune they skilfully take the sound of 90s bands like the Beloved in a much rockier direction.

“Milky Milk” – Dama Scout Channelling the finest songs of St. Etienne with some exquisite fuzz guitar. LoFi sounds haunted, in a good way, by the ghost of Dolores O’Riordan.

“Car Park” – Fenne Lily Lush, heavenly psyched folk from Fenne Lily with mild nod to Joni Mitchell’s jazzier moments.

“Arion” – Hanging Valleys Classy falsetto ambient sounds from Hanging Valleys made all the more interesting by the tasteful percussive underlay.

“Begin Again” – The Bay Rays Do you like Arcade Fire? Do you like Talking Heads? Do you like your music with soul and passion? You do? Well you will bloody love the Bay Rays from Kent.

“Losing You” – Boy Pablo
A song called “Losing You” should not sound this happy but it does. This song has an excellent Latin feel and in the days when the pop charts mattered this would have all the ingredients that would make a massive summer hit.


Written by Bill Adamson


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