Here are some of the freshest new tracks from the freshest new sounds that we think you need to be listening to this week.

“Box Of Bones” – Haarm

ninth wave

The Ninth Wave

Perfect summery electro pop from Haarm. You definitely need to check out these pop dance supremos, what haarm can it do, right?

“Shock Machine” – Sheafs
A massive blast of scuzzy, fuzzy, bluesy rock from Sheafs and blistering slice of psyched out funked up sound from the Steel City.

“Jaded” – The Old Pink House
Finely crafted pop rock from Geordie music maestros in possession of one of the strangest and clever band names around. This bunch know how to write a tune with a hook. In the olden days this would have been a monster hit.

“Swallow Me” – The Ninth Wave
Echoey post punk style harmonies underpinning a dark composition from Glasgow’s the Ninth Wave. Early Spandau Ballet crossed with Echo and the Bunnymen!

“Waves” – Krrum
Not many bands get away with throwing everything including the kitchen sink at a song, but Krrum from Leeds pull it off with style. A driving electronic beat is superbly offset with some stunning vocal harmonies and sonic acrobatics.

“In The Know” – Plaza
Chilled electro acoustic tune with indie rock undertones and a banging chorus. The guitar solo is something special too.

“Scratch, Sniff” – Dylan Cartlidge
If Beck was British this would be him. Weird, wonderful and deserves to be heard. Some vocal parts evoke Jeff Buckley and Hawksley Workman. A truly epic tune.

“Simmer Down” – Wild Front
A powerfully bass driven piece from Wild Front that feels like Vampire Weekend and Friendly Fires spliced together and injected with a large dose of 70s yacht rock. A refreshingly different band from the south coast.

“All Yours” – Apre
Dreamy, sublime funky pop with ethereal call and response vocals. One listen and this stays in your head for ages, but in the very best way.

“The Off Button” – Paris Youth Foundation
Cheeky harmonic scousers hit the indie heights with this fun and funky song. Despite the title no one in their right mind would reach for the off button while this is playing!

Written by Bill Adamson


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