Queen Zee and the Sasstones (now known simply as Queen Zee) seemed to just appear out of nowhere. Like one moment there wasn’t a classy, colourful, angry, loud, political, proud, punk, queercore, hardcore, pop (yes pop too!) band and the next there was. Like something from a Brothers Grimm tale, although the Fairy Punkmother who created this lot is definitely my type of Fairy Punkmother. They smashed their way out of Liverpool onto stages around the UK. I was lucky enough to be walking past the BBC Introducing Stage at the Leeds Festival in 2017 just as they kicked off their set with “Sissy Fists”. I was hooked and stayed around for their whole set. I saw them again at Live at Leeds in 2018 and they have become even better, possibly one of the most exciting British bands around right now.
They play a hook filled style of lo-fi punk with a powerful message. This is the kind of band that has the ambition and sheer force to unite disparate groups of people. Who cares what gender you are or what genre you like? If you like Queen Zee then you’re a good ‘un! Their live shows are a true punk rock spectacle with their songs taking on an extra dimension when played live. Especially the four stunning tracks from their most recent EP, ‘Eat My Sass’. The EP was released at the end of last year on Nice Swan Records and was produced and Mixed by Tom Roach at Elevator Studios, Liverpool. Two of those, “Boy” and “Porno” are accompanied by videos that are both exciting and disturbing at the same time. If ancient DJ Mike Read who famously banned Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Relax” in 1983 saw these films he would spontaneously combust! Probably not a bad thing.

Their barnstorming show has travelled throughout the UK and more recently to France with more dates lined up for 2018. Queen Zee, for who the band is named, fronts them with more sass than anyone else has the ability to muster. She is true music royalty in the making. Like many other bands they do cover occasional classic hits live and Queen Zee have been known to cover songs such as the Prodigy’s “Firestarter”, Electric Six’s “Gay Bar” and Dizzee Rascal’s “Bonkers”, is that great taste or what? This band is readying itself to take over the world and I reckon they have the riff firepower and the artistic artillery to do it! Queen Zee and her band mates Em Dee, Courtney Hate, Frankie French and Lily Bit Furious will be around for a bloody long while so get used to it! We love them over at Northern Radar.


Written by Bill Adamson


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